Announcing Black

We are excited to announce an exciting overhaul of our project! Soon, we will be launching Black Sale, an identical platform to the renowned PinkSale. We have already gathered a wide range of crypto service providers, ready to join forces and elevate our project to new heights.

With Black Sale, we will have access to a robust and reliable platform, allowing us to reach an even larger audience and expand our operations significantly. This is just the beginning of a new and exciting phase for us. Let’s build a future of success and growth together!

Telegram Members

Telegram Members


Relaunch And Platform Integration

Our token, NSBK, is evolving into BLACK SALE, with 40% of platform earnings allocated to boosting its value. This integration ensures a symbiotic relationship between the platform's success and token performance, offering holders continuous growth opportunities.


Token distribution


Buy fees: 8%

Highly deflationary token: 100% of the purchase fee is automatically burned, strengthening liquidity and increasing holder value.

Sell fees: 10%

Our Platforms

Our comprehensive ecosystem of existing and forthcoming platforms underscores our dedication to delivering genuine solutions for our community.


This Roadmap Outlines Our Strategic Approach To Building, Launching, And Growing The BLACK SALE Platform While Fostering A Vibrant And Engaged Community.

  • Phase 1 - 2024

    Platform Development

    We’re focused on building the BLACK SALE platform, ensuring an intuitive design and robust functionalities.

    Token Relaunch

    We’ll transform NSBK into BLACK SALE, implementing a new contract with enhanced features.

    Presale Preparation

    We’re coordinating with Pink Sale for the presale launch, ensuring smooth execution and maximum visibility.

    Community Engagement

    We’re encouraging active participation from the community through social media channels, Telegram groups, and other platforms to build anticipation and gather feedback.

  • Phase 2 - 2024

    Presale Launch

    We’ll kickstart the project with a successful presale, attracting early investors and generating initial liquidity.

    Platform Integration

    We’ll integrate the BLACK SALE token within the platform, allocating 40% of earnings to token buybacks to boost its value.

    Partnership Expansion

    We’ll establish strategic partnerships with other crypto projects, influencers, and marketing agencies to amplify visibility and attract a broader audience.

    Ecosystem Development

    We’ll expand the platform’s offerings, such as NFT minting, staking, and farming, to create a comprehensive ecosystem that benefits both users and token holders.

  • Phase 3 - 2024

    Market Expansion

    We’ll extend our reach to new markets and demographics through targeted marketing campaigns and community outreach efforts.

    Continuous Development

    We’ll regularly update and improve the platform based on user feedback and market trends to ensure its relevance and competitiveness.

    Ecosystem Enhancement

    We’ll further enhance the ecosystem by introducing new features, partnerships, and revenue streams to drive sustained growth and long-term sustainability.

    Community Empowerment

    We’ll empower the community by providing opportunities for engagement, governance participation, and rewards to foster a sense of ownership and loyalty.

Meet the crew

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